How to Laser Level Land

Laser leveling requires soil to be shifted from the high points of the field to the low points in the most cost effective way. In most situations fields need to be plowed and a topographic survey undertaken before leveling commences.

Step-1 : Plowing The Field

Plow the field preferably from the center of the field outwards. It is preferable to plow the field then the soil is moist because if the soil is plowed dry a significant increase in tractor power is required and large clod sizes may result. If the soil is very dry a one-way disc or moldboard may be required. Rotary tillers, disc harrows or cultivators are ideal for second workings. All surface residues need to be cut up or removed to aid soil flow from the bucket.

Step-2 : Conducting A Topographic Survey

Once the field is plowed, you should conduct a topographic survey to record the high and low spots in the field. From the surveyed readings you can then establish the mean height of the field by taking th"e' sum ofall4:heleadingsand dividing by the number of readings taken. Then using a field diagram and the mean height of the field you can determine a strategy to effectively move soil from the high to low areas.

Step-3 : Leveling The Field
  • The laser-controlled bucket should be positioned at a point that represents the mean height of the field.
  • The cutting blade should be set slightly above ground level (1-2 cm).
  • The tractor should then be driven in a circular direction from the high areas to the lower areas in the field.
  • To maximize working efficiency, as soon as the bucket is near filled with soil the operator should turn and drive towards the lower area. Similarly as soon as the bucket is near empty the tractor should be turned and driven back to the higher areas.
  • When the whole field has been covered in this circular manner, the tractor and bucket should then do a final leveling pass in long runs from the high end of the field to the lower end.
  • The field should then be re-surveyed to make sure that the desired level of precision has been attained.
  • In wet areas where there is a poor traction or a chance of bogging the tractor, care needs to be taken to fill the wet areas in a circular motion.

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